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Tirosint vs Levoxyl vs Synthoid
Last Post 08 Mar 2018 12:16 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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AliceUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
06 Mar 2018 08:24 PM

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and about 6-7 weeks ago was decided i would go on 50 mcg of synthoid as my T4 was dipping low and the last time it went too low i got graves eye disease with bulging and retracting in one eye. Eyes have gotten much better over the past year and i would like to avoid that happening again. I’m praying pregnancy doesn’t bring it back. TSI has been negative since before pregnancy and my TPO inumbersvare in chart below. . Anyway the synthoid gave me unpleasant bowel movements, not frequent, but diarrhea every time i went. So i was switched to 50 mcg of Levoxyl which gave me same digestive issues, probably even worse. Plus I’m having a hard time sleeping at night. So now my Endo said to try Tirosint. Do you know anything about it? I know it’s suppaoed to have less fillers. Is it safe in pregnancy? Should it help then digestive issues? Safe for baby? Is it bad to keep switching? My most recent labs are below and I’m due to go again tomorrow.

    TSH (normal .3-5.6)
    February 2018. .875
    January 2018. 1.52
    December 2017 1.02
    November 2017 1.330
    October 2017 1.17
    September 2017 1.74
    August 2017 1.59
    July 2017 1.32
    June 2017 1.14
    May 2017 1.33
    April 2017 2.23

    Free T4 (normal .61-1.8)

    February 2018. 1.02
    January 2018. 0.91
    December 2017 0.90
    November 2017 1.09
    October 2017 1.24
    September 2017 1.32
    August 2017 1.31
    July 2017 1.24
    June 2017 1.35
    May 2017 1.25
    April 2017 1.13

    Free T3 (normal 2.0-4.4)
    (Not tested in jan and feb)
    December 2017 2.3
    November 2017 2.8
    October 2017 2.9
    September 2017 3.1
    August 2017 2.7
    July 2017 2.6
    June 2017 2.9
    May 2017 3.0
    April 2017 2.8

    TPO February 2018. 116
    TPO August 2015. 320

    Thyroglobulin AB <1.8 (normal)
    Elaine MooreUser is Online Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:2647
    08 Mar 2018 12:16 PM
    When you first start replacement hormone, you can experience some temporary hyper symptoms as your body adjusts to the change. This may be the reason for the bowel changes. Your levels were on the low side so it's unlikely that your dose is too high. These transient symptoms usually resolve within a week or two, but it can help if you divide your dose, like taking 25 mcg every 12 hours.

    it's common for levels to fall during the second half of pregnancy so it's a good thing you're being carefully monitored to ensure that you have optimal levels. Best to you, elaine
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