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Author: Elaine Moore's Blog Created: 8/6/2008
Topics, tips, general information, controversies and commentaries on a variety of health topics, by Elaine Moore.

LDN and Ketamine COVID-19 Trial

By Elaine Moore on 5/8/2020
Low dose naltrexone (LDN) and ketamine are being study as potential therapies in Covid-19

Low Dose Naltrexone Update

By Elaine Moore on 12/21/2016
Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is viewed as a novel anti-inflammatory treatment for chronic pain
Alternative medicine
Autoimmune diseases
Low-dose Naltrexone
Research News
chronic pain
glial cells
Graves' ophthalmopathy
Multiple sclerosis

LDN for Pain

By Elaine Moore on 6/18/2014

LDN is known to reduce symptoms of pain.

Low-dose Naltrexone
Low dose naltrexone

LDN Approval for Pediatric Crohn's

By Elaine Moore on 2/10/2013

Exclusive Rights Given to TNI BioTech

Low-dose Naltrexone

LDN Radio Show This Tuesday

By Elaine Moore on 5/14/2012

Presented by the People's Pharmacy

Dr. Hoffman's Talk Radio on LDN

By Elaine Moore on 9/24/2009

Listen to the Podcast

4.5 mg LDN now available without RX

By Elaine Moore on 4/21/2009

LDN now available without RX

Patient's Improvement on LDN

By Elaine Moore on 3/3/2009

Improvement in TED

Daytime Dosing Is an Option with Low Dose Naltrexone

By Elaine Moore on 3/1/2009

Concerns about Dosing Times

First LDN Clinical Trial in MS Study Published

By Elaine Moore on 9/19/2008

Dr. Gironi and her team published the results of their LDN trial in patients with PPMS.

Graves' Disease and Autoimmune Disease Education
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