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14 Apr 2018 05:25 PM
    Hello Elaine,

    I am having a lot of problems finding a dose of synthroid that works for me. I thought about natural thyrodi medication, but finding a Dr. here that has any knowledge or who is willing to prescirbe it is impossible(also not covered by most benefit plans and lowest dose taken off the market production started but on backorder for months)... I had RAI many years ago and over medicated by so called experts. When a dose change is made is it best to wait an entire 4 or 6 weeks before doing labs again? I can not take 25mcga day without going very low..puffy cold tired weak...can not take 37.5mcg a day nor any dose under 50 it seems...yet 75 a day my eyes wide open...and really feel off the wall...leg cramps, eyes all over swelling (they told me I had graves but negative for any antibodies and scan results showed only half my throid impacted, brought on by iodine for a surgery, hyper) it true some people require one pill more or less of the same dose daily..if so is the time frame for increasing the same adding 25 mcg a week for 4-6 weeks then test?

    I can not take 88mcg of synthroid a day without having hyperthyroid symptoms and my TSH way under 1...also why does FT4 and FT3 seem to almost reverse itself when TSH levels go low? On 88 mcg a day my FT4 is 10 and FT3 is 3.5...range FT4 is 9-19 and FT3 is 3.1-6.2...yet on lower doses when TSH is way over range here it is for high at least 4.5...FT4 is still 10 but know FT3 under range. I hope you have time to answer ..thank you