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BrianUser is Online New Member New Member Posts:
29 Dec 2021 11:51 AM
    Hi Elaine,

    I hope your health is improving. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    I had a thyroid panel run on 12-18-21.

    TSH - 0.251 (0.45 - 4.5)
    T4 - 9.0 (4.5 - 12.0)
    FT3 - 3.3 (2.0 - 4.4)
    FT4 - 1.75 (0.82 - 1.77)

    Finally I saw my TSH jump from its previous level of 0.06. It was also heartening to see all my thyroid hormones in the normal range at last. I cut back the Methimazole to 7.5mg (2.5mg 3x daily) at this point.

    Even better, Kaiser ran my thyroid numbers as part of a blood test yesterday.

    TSH - 0.26 (0.35 - 4.94)
    T3 - 1.07 (0.58 - 1.59)
    FT4 - 1.27 (0.70 - 1.48)

    Aside from TSH, which is rising, my T3 & FT4 are right where I want them. I will continue the 7.5mg of Methimazole for another week as I will be seeing my endo and she will run more labs.

    I have also engaged with a naturopath in Oregon who is advising me on how to wean my way off the Methimazole and BP medications. She suggested I might try ThyCalm PX by Restorative Formulations. However, I'm concerned about the high amount of selenium (600mcg) in the daily dose of ThyCalm. I asked her about just supplementing bugleweed and am awaiting her answer.

    Wishing you a full return to good health.

    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:3872
    08 Jan 2022 06:01 PM
    Hi Brian,
    Your labs look great.
    You're right to question the high selenium dose. The rosemary in it may also be too stimulating and the price is high. It's a good idea to shop around rather than buy products from a practitioner's office. Thyrosoothe is a good product with bugleweed available on Amazon. I'd address the thyroid first and later move on to blood pressure products.
    Thanks for your kind words. Best, Elaine