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Old Grave’s Diagnosis, now registering positive TPO
Last Post 01 May 2023 04:18 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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CommittedSalmonUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
16 Apr 2023 03:14 PM
    Was sent here by TPAUK since I am in the US. Hoping for some insight as to what my thyroid numbers mean.
    History of hyperthyroid, got better through my many pregnancies, but ended in a Grave’s diagnosis in 2015. Over the next three years I *gained* 60 lbs (and I wasn’t hungry, so it’s not because I ate too much), but my thyroid stabilized and no longer had antibodies. 2021-2022 I lost that 60 lbs and was at my normal size again (about a size 10, athletic, felt great). Fall of 2022 to now: daughter got married, holidays, we moved 1000 miles away from her and our church family and taekwondo friends to a very busy city where we know no one.

    Mid March I ended up in the ER with heart rhythm issues that sent me into panic mode I guess. They diagnosed me with panic attack after all my heart enzymes and clotting factors came back nice and low. Doc said it wasn’t my heart. Less than 2 years ago I had an echocardiogram, many EKGs, Holter monitor, all normal. I AM very anemic. Ferritin is 5, all RBC are low as is iron and saturation. I have the perimenopause that will not stop. My periods are a week long but are so heavy the first half that I guess I can’t recover before the next one comes.

    At the doc last week she tested my thyroid and T3 and FT4 are within range, TSH is .45 (low is below .4) and now my TPO is 29 (high is above 9). Never had positive TPO before, only TSI. Heart rhythm has gotten better (I know some of it is anxiety driven but heart tends to skip when my thyroid isn’t happy or I am anemic) but now my fingers are stiff in the morning and my throat feels like I’m going to cry. The last time I was aware of my thyroid it felt like light pressure, so this is a different sensation. I am starting to gain weight. I eat VERY well. No junk. Grassfed meats, low pasteurized dairy (can’t find raw here after my move), veggies and fruits. Going to abstain from grains now. I already don’t eat a lot of them. I walk 3 miles a day and really go for getting my 10K steps in. I was lifting heavy weight before moving here 2 months ago and losing my gym.

    I would love to have an interpretation of my numbers that my doc will not be able to give me, and why this keeps happening. My thyroid was good for so long. Does anyone know about the Root Cause Protocol (by Morley Robbins of the Magnesium Advocacy Group)? Thanks for your time.
    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:4084
    01 May 2023 04:18 PM
    HI CS,
    It would be good to see your exact FT4 and FT3 results. They may be within range but too low for your body's needs. TSH isn't very reliable in Graves' disease because both blocking and stimulating TSH receptor antibodies. Your heavy periods may be a sign of a move into hypothyroidism, which 20% of Graves' patients experience after moving into remission.
    TPO antibodies are markers of thyroid inflammation and 70-80 percent of Graves' patient have long-term low TPO antibodies.
    So there's a possible move into hypothyroidism but the problem of low iron and anemia is a greater concern. You're following a healthy lifestyle and getting enough exercise, but one thing I would do that I wish I would have done is see a gynecologist to see what may be causing the excessive bleeding. Best, Elaine
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