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newest labs
Last Post 21 Sep 2023 03:14 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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PamelaJeanUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
30 Aug 2023 10:55 AM
    Hi Elaine,

    I had labs a couple times since I last posted to you in June.

    August 28:
    TSH 0.021 L (0.47-4.68)
    FT3 5.31 (2.45-5.93)
    FT4 1.20 (0.78-2.44)
    his comment was good values no change in dose.

    July 27:
    TSH 1.56 (0.47-4.68)
    FT3 4.24 (2.45-5.93)
    FT4 0.74 L (0.78-2.44)
    He lowered methimazole from 20 to 10 mg.

    June 8, 2023
    TSH 0.132 L (0.47-4.68)
    FT3 4.91 (2.45-5.93)
    FT4 1.3 (0.78-2.44)
    I'm still taking 20 mg. methimazole, since February 20, 2023

    You made this comment after June's labs but I do not know what you mean by it:
    "With your FT3 at a nice level, if you weren't on MMI it would be too high."

    I still haven't had any afib since late March when my only abnormal lab was a low TSH. My numbers seem to take turns being abnormal and all three haven't been in the normal range since May 2022. I had hundreds of episodes of afib from October 2022-March 2023. I was also diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in May 2023. I had a central mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy because of the position of the tumor. I started radiation yesterday and will not need chemo. (thankfully)

    Since he lowered my dose at the end of July and ordered labs for one month, which I had Monday, how soon should I request labs again? I assume the lower dose takes a while to be reflected in the labs. I don't have a follow up appointment scheduled and he didn't mention in his comment when to have labs again. I really didn't have specific symptoms last fall when things went crazy plus with radiation I don't trust my symptoms anyway.

    Thanks, Pam

    Elaine MooreUser is Online Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:4032
    21 Sep 2023 03:14 PM
    Hi Pamela Jean,
    I meant that if you weren't on MMI you'd have a high FT3 and it looks like the 10 mg dose is working. You could have labs anytime now to make sure your levels are stable. best, elaine

    I see you have a new post so I'll check it next
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