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Reporting back after quite some time.
Last Post 04 May 2022 01:12 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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GaryUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
06 Apr 2022 04:43 PM
    My thyroid took the back burner last year. My left kidney and ureter were removed because of a small tumor ie. transitional cell carcinoma. Mayo in Minn. did the surgery and after 2 re checks I am clean and hopefully will remain that way. So back to my on going Thyroid issues since mid 2019. At that point I was down 20 lbs. and having bouts of AFIB. Up take testing completed ect and Methimazole started daily. I was not followed up on by the Endo and went grossly Hypo. Changed Endo and was on 5mg Methimazole for approx a year when it was reduced to 4 time per week and now effective 3 weeks ago reduced to 3 times per week.The diagnosis is and has been Thyrotoxicosis of unknown origin. My point in once again writing is for your opinion on my most recent labs taken after the reduction to 3 times per week. I am having cardiac issues know a supra ventricular premature couplex which started in March all of a sudden. In other word the atria fire prematurely approx 7000 times on a daily basis. Electrophysiologist thinks an ablation of the heart is in order but doesn't want to proceed until my Thyroid is completely under control to see what part my thyroid may be playing in causing the arrhythmia. Discussing it with my Endo she is now recommending either surgery or RAI considering that after this long on Methimazole I am still not in remission. I feel like I'm painted into a corner in that I would prefer not to kill my thyroid. Anyway here are the labs going back a ways but I really need your opinion on the latest as I am confused and I really don't feel the greatest nor have I in quite some time. As alway many thanks. 3.75 1.0 3.1 4-4-2022 2.64 1.3 3.2 1-18-2022 2.87 1,2 3.0 10-26-2021 2.96 1.2. 2.9. 3-18-2021 2.54 1.1 3.1. 12-16-2020 TSH FT4 FT3 (.45-4.50) (.8-1.7) (2.0-4.8)
    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:3836
    04 May 2022 01:12 PM
    Looks like your MMI dose may be mismanaged. It's always best to be on the same daily dose for stable blood levels. On the correct dose TSH is low and FT4 is near the high end of the reference range. If I'm reading your labs correctlyTSH is too high showing your MMI dose is too high. and FT4 is too low.
    I'm sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis. My cancer was likely caused by RAI so I wouldn't recommend it.
    If you're on any immunotherapy drugs they can affect your thyroid hormone levels. You should also be having a TSI level to see if you have Graves' disease. If your TSH is still elevated higher than 0.4 on the correct dose of meds you may even be in remission. You might consider seeing a different endocrinologist. Best, Elaine
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