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Epidemic of Hypothyroidism

By Elaine Moore on 1/27/2016

In an article, "The epidemic of low thyroid disease, in the 25th Anniversary Edition of AntiAgingMatters, (Dec 2015) Doctor Rick Wilkinson explains how every cell in the body depends on adequate thyroid hormone to carry out its intended functions. For instance, muscle cells without adequate thyroid hormone might feel tired or weak and painful. Many of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism occur in so many other conditions that they're overlooked and typically include elevated lipid levels, depression, weight gain, high levels of homocyseine, high blood pressure, and anxiety. In contrast, Wilkinson discusses the debate surrounding Mona Lisa's presumed hyperthyroidism based on her brilliant stare... based on comments made by the cardiologist Dr. Levine who found hyperthyroid patients to be bright and quick.

 As I've often mentioned, the TSH test has its limitations and is of little value in patients with thyroid disorders, especially Graves' patients and patients with Sheehan's syndrome, which can occur after postpartum thyroiditis and cause a persistently low TSH despite. Dr. Wilkinson feels it's better to diagnose hypothyroidism based on thyroid hormone levels, symptoms, an endocrinologically oriented physical examination, and body temperature.

A study of men average age 55 with low body temperature treated with thyroid replaceent hormone showed no deaths among patients treated with thyroid replacement hormone; in the untreated group 15% had a heart attack or stroke. Among the treated group over a priod of six years, there was 3% mortality and among the untreated patients mortality was 19%.  Because the information in their newsletter is so valuable, I encourage readers to sign up for the free newsletter at  and in particular read their articles on hypothyroidism.   You can also email them at and ask for a link to Dr. Wilkinson's article.

hypothyroidism in Graves' disease
TSH vs thyroid hormone levels

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