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Gluten or Emulsifiers in Leaky Gut Syndrome?

By Elaine Moore on 1/31/2017

In his new book, The DNA Restart: Unlock your personal genetic code to eat for  your genes, lose weight, and reverse aging, Sharon Moalem, MD, PhD, explains that many people react to common emulsifiers that are found in processed and baked goods and certain yogurts. Some people even develop canker sores using toothpaste containing emulsifiers. But for most people with autoimmune diseases, the problem is that these compounds destroy the stomach lining and lead to leaky gut syndrome, which destroys the stomach lining, allowing for the passage of foreign molecules into the blood circulation. Because emulsifiers are banned in Europe people who are intolerant of grains often remark how they had no problems eating baked goods during trips to Europe.

Emulsifiers include: ammonium phosphatides, calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate, carboxymethylcellulose, carrageenan, diacetyl tartartic acid, ethoxylated monoglyceride, guar gum, lecithin, locust bean gum, polysorbates, propylene glycol monostearate, sorbitol, sucrose, monostearate, and succinylated monoglyceride.  These additives are used to prolong shelf life by holding ingredients together and preventing separation. 

Moalem also reminds us to avoid goitrogens, foods which prevent the absorption of iodine, and lower thyroid hormone levels. One goitrogen I hadn't considered is kale, which is considered a superfood because of its nutrients. Still, it's best to eat kale in moderation.

Moalem includes some self tests to allow readers to see if they have a genome that makes eating carbohydrates restrictive or not and tests that show if we have alcohol tolerance or intolerance.

Other topics include the importance of drinking oolong tea, the need for umami in our diets, and first bite-last bite exercises. 

Book: The DNA Restart


Moalem, Sharon. 2016. The DNA Restart: Unlock your personal genetic code to eat for  your genes, lose weight, and reverse aging. New York: Rodale Press


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