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Westhroid and Naturethroid Shortages

By Elaine Moore on 12/5/2018

Since November 2017, manufacturing problems have resulted in batches of Westhroid and Naturethroid (identical drugs) with fluctuating amounts of thyroid hormone, causing a number of symptoms in patients. We've seen evidence of this on the Q&A board with patients suddenly having hypothyroid symptoms after being on the same batch for years. Consequently, numerous patients have appealed to the manufacturer and there's an ongoing petition that patients can sign by copying and pasting this link

The problems with these products as well as the unavailability of thyroid replacement hormone has become a genuine concern. Some patients are needing to use higher doses of their preparations and are having trouble having prescriptions filled. Because natural preparations degrade over time, stocking up for a duration greater than 6 months isn't advised. Appealing to the manufacturers of these products is therefore necessary.

Today, the manufacturers of Westhroid (WP thyroid) announced that they're now shipping 1 grain tablets. See their press release at

Whether the new batches will be acceptable to patients is a matter of speculation.

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