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A New Plant Immunomodulator

By Elaine Moore on 4/17/2013

With fruit resembling red grapes, the plant Tinospora cordifolia has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to heal immune-mediated disorders. For centuries it's been used in India to treat inflammation, arthritis, allergies, and diabetes.

Recently, researchers has found that extracts of this plant can safely regulate immune responses in humans via cell signaling mechanisms. 

One of this plant's primary uses in clinical trials in America has been in allergic rhinitis. Here 300 mg of a standardized Tinospora cordifolia extract used 3 times daily reduced symptoms, without the side effecs of antihistamines. For patients with Graves' disease, controlling the allergic response can reduce IgE levels, prevent relapses and the worsening of symptoms (and elevations in TSI) that occur when pollen counts rise.

Source: Michael Downey. 2013. "Boost Immune Function...While Suppressing Overactive Immune Attacks." Life Extension, May.

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