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Risk Factors for Bone Fractures and Osteoporosis

By Elaine Moore on 4/5/2009

While bone mineral density (BMD) is an important consideration for bone health, bone strength and resilience are also important. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that BMD in not the single best predictor of fracture risk because it misses a significant proportion of individuals who have clinical or epidemiological risk factors for osteoporosis.

Risk factors for osteoporosis include female sex, postmenopausal status, Caucasian or Asian race, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, slim stature (underweight), sedentary lifestyle, and cigarette smoking.

Bone strength can be increased with collagen calcium chelate, magnesium, silicon, boron, dried plum extract, and vitamins D and K2. These elements work together to support bone health.

To predict the 10-year risk of sustaining a major osteoporotic fracture, the WHO has developed a clinical assessment tool to evaluate fracture risk assessment called FRAX. FRAX relies on composite scores that rely on BMD and risk factors including age, race, weight, and smoking history.

Source: Laurie Barclay, New Strategies for Optimizing Bone Strength, Life Extension Foundation Journal, April 2009.

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