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Patient's Improvement on LDN

By Elaine Moore on 3/3/2009

Hello Elaine and ldn users,

Just wanted to give you an update on results after using ldn for 3 weeks
now. I had started taking it for I have a very severe case of Graves Eye
disease in my one eye for about 2.5 years now and about 6 months ago, my
other eye started getting effected. Once the muscles get effected, the eye
will never be the same again. I do have to wear an eye patch to prevent
major double vision as well as not to freak people out. My eye is very
disfigured. I've been very upset about my good eye starting to get this
and grateful to have found out about ldn just lately through Elaine Moore.

I have had very serious health problems from 35 which includes Pseudo Tumor
which is intracranial hypertension and hydrocephalus. I have had 3 shunt
placements, 2 in the head and have had my brain stem and skull enlarged.
that time my body had been producing very high amounts of cortisol and it
was also discovered that my bone marrow was making way too many platelets.
I have been taking 2 pills a day to keep the platelets down. With the 2
pills a day, my platelets can be from 400 to600. Without the pills I go
over 1000. These pills are very hard on my body. I also developed

I suffer from a lot of other problems which are not life threatening so I
don't even talk about those but I'm mentioning some now for ldn has started
to fix those. Where do I begin..

After the first ldn pill, my restless legs completely went away. My whole
body was restless when I would lay down not just my legs. I used to have
take freezing cold showers to bring my body some calm. Now I can't wait to
lay down and feel at peace with myself.

Secondly, I now wake up every morning feeling positive and happy and have
more energy. I tried taking anti-depressants in the past but they would
bring on suicidal thoughts which I never had before. Therefore I couldn't
take them. I never thought I could be happy again. I'm grateful for all
the good things in my life but I have gone through too many health issues
to be normal. Now, with ldn, I'm truly becoming the person I used to be.
can't believe it!

Thirdly, I just recently went to do labs for by blood disorder which is
called Thrombocythemia and I was totally shocked. For the first time since
I knew I had this problem my platelets were on the low normal. From 2
a day, my doc reduced them to 1 a week. I was shocked. I was so happy, I
called my whole family to tell them and to tell them about ldn. Now, I'm
going to be keeping track to see if this continues. I never expected my
blood disorder getting corrected. I'm sure it's because of ldn.

.and now for my eye results, the swelling has been going down. I feel the
progression is stopping. I go back to UCLA in a few weeks. They saw me
right before I started taking ldn so they too are anxious to see if ldn
works. I told them I was about to start taking it. They had never heard
of it but pulled up the information on ldn while I was there to see what
this was about. When I go back they'll be able to measure the changes and
we'll see what they say but all I can tell you is that the swelling is

I am so happy about's slowly fixing a whole lot of things. I'm now
telling everyone about it. People in the markets and everywhere I go. I'm
really becoming a believer!!! Thank you Elaine Moore!!!

I'll keep you guys posted after UCLA.

I hope everyone is as well as can be. Keep taking your ldn!


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