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Advances in Graves’ Disease and Other Hyperthyroid Disorders

by Elaine A. Moore and Lisa Marie Moore

McFarland  & Company, Inc., Publishers, Jefferson, NC, 2013. ISBN 978-1-4766-0622-4.


The book Advances in Graves’ Disease and Other Hyperthyroid Disorders is not a second edition of the 2001 book Graves' Disease: A Practical Guide, nor is it as technical as the 2001 book. It serves as a companion book that emphasizes the many changes and discoveries regarding hyperthyroidism that have occurred in the past 13 years.

While covering topics like causes, diagnosis, treatment and disease course of Graves' disease and other hyperthyroid disorders, it primarily focuses on subsequent advances in disease pathology, including discoveries regarding the genetic, immune system; environmental factors that lead to hyperthyroid disorders; new guidelines for conventional treatment; and alternative and complementary medical therapies. Additional sections describe special circumstances like hyperthyroidism in pregnancy and in children, and transient hyperthyroidism in the newborns.

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